Apps between us in reality

Now take everything I said in yesterday’s post, and apply it to a future reality in which we can all wear really good high quality mixed reality glasses. In that future, we will be able to see and hear and converse with each other face to face — whether or not we happen to be in the same physical room.

But also we will be able to gesture to create and manipulate objects in the space between us. Semantically, this would be a logical extension of the kind of apps that might be available in future “open” versions of something like Zoom.

This suggests a possible path toward building that shared enhanced reality. If we start the ecosystem now, while we are still all looking into screens, we might learn a lot about what works, and what people find engaging and useful.

Then when the really good extended reality glasses finally show up, we will all have a better idea how to use them properly. Why not start now?

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