Trains, planes and automobiles

After the pandemic is over, we will no longer need to hold our meetings over Zoom. But meanwhile, people are getting better at using Zoom, and the app itself is continually improving and adding new features.

In addition, competing platforms are showing up, trying different ways for people connect on-line. Now that there is a huge audience for such things, these apps are finding sweet-spots in user preferences that in more normal times might not have been on anyone’s radar.

So by the time the pandemic is over, the landscape for meetings might look very different. People will probably choose to meet on-line in situations where, a year or so ago, they would have chosen to meet in person.

We might be entering a permanent rearrangement of “in person” versus “on line” for both business and social interactions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. For one thing, I suspect we will be burning a lot less fuel for travel on trains, planes and automobiles.

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