Big Bang binge books

I have been bingeing The Big Bang Theory, planning on going through all 11 seasons, every episode in order. It is great fun!

There is so much real physics in this show that it occurs to me it would be a great launching point for an educational opportunity. Somebody should build a series of science books around this show, with each new theory mentioned in the series being an entry point for a real introduction to the actual underlying science.

It seems to me that with such a friendly introduction, many people might be interested in learning more, especially if the books were well written and made very accessible. I wonder whether somebody has already done something like that.

If not, maybe somebody should.

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  1. Not exactly the same thing, yet closely related project:
    A great chance to plug the wonderful
    Ok Go! Sandbox
    created as a collaboration between Prof. Ann Marie Thomas’ Playful Learning Lab at St. Thomas University and Ok Go!.

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