New toys

Every once in a while I get new toys. I guess I should qualify that.

These are not “toys” like when I was seven years old. They are actually various kinds of professional equipment.

In just the last few weeks I’ve gotten a fancy new VR headset with gaze tracking, a camera that senses both color and depth, and a pair of gloves that accurately tracks your finger movements. I’m using it all for work.

But still, they are toys, if I am being honest. I love creating things in computer graphics and animation, and every new piece of equipment allows me to do that in new and exciting ways.

So this is a nice case of professional productivity coinciding with fun. The more fun I have, the more I get done.

OK, maybe these are toys like when I was seven years old. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New toys”

  1. With kinetic gloves and AR I can see a future where you can talk with your hands creating shapes like magic, developping a language transposed to the unwired spaces, and maybe then talking with our palms & fingers will become second nature, embracing a new dimension that where always there but forgotten by us un-unpaired from sounds, threading our words from shapes, tones & motion. Communication techs are fun toys indeed 🙂

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