Future interior design

Today I toured a house that is under construction, but nearly finished. Workers are now busily putting the final touches on the cabinets and other fixtures.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the house would have been like if it were designed from the ground up for mixed reality. For example, the great room had twelve foot high lofted ceilings.

That would not have been necessary if people in the house were always wearing those future contact lenses. Furthermore, in that alternate future, you could choose a custom height for the ceiling for any day of the week.

In fact, different people in the room could, at the same time, experience ceilings of different heights. One person might be claustrophobic, and prefer the luxurious feeling of high ceilings, whereas another might kenophobic, and prefer a low ceiling.

Similarly, different people could choose the lighting fixtures and style of lighting of their choice. One person might like natural light through large bay windows, while another prefers the warmth of a room lit by a thousand candles.

In the future, I suspect that architecture and interior design will change quite a bit. This will be somewhat akin to the way that magazines and journalism have changed in an on-line age.

Those things haven’t gone away. They’ve just morphed as they have adapted to a new medium.

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