Your commercial

Suppose you could make a commercial about any product, with you as the spokesperson. What product would you choose, and what would be your ideal commercial for it?

It’s perfectly valid to respond “nope, not going to do that.” But just as an exercise, suppose you were to say “sure, I know just the product that I’d like to represent.”

So what would be your perfect product to endorse, and how would you go about making a commercial for it? It could be something spiritual, or something that exists only in a science fiction universe. But whatever it is, the core of it would be you communicating to people “this is something you might want or need, and here is why.”

I realize that framing things in this way is slightly odd, but it may also be an interesting way to address the question “what are my core values?” I suspect that everybody, deep down, has their own perfect product, and their own unique way of selling that product.

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