Personal pop song production

We tend to think of pop songs as having discreet productions. There is the original song by the original artist, and then there are various covers by bands through the years.

Each one represents a certain set of discrete choices. Millions of people could listen to any one of those versions, but those are the only choices you have.

It seems to me that given recent advances in an artificial intelligence, we could tease apart those choices and allow people to create their own personal productions.

Maybe this song by some new band should have a little bit of a mix in of a favorite old band of yours. Or maybe you could mix different genres together and create something original for you or your friends.

Why shouldn’t pop song production become a personal choice, given the technological means to make it so?

One thought on “Personal pop song production”

  1. Totally agree! There is no reason for a song to sound the same every time you listen to a particular recording. It would be great if listening to a song would result in a slightly different performance every time. I would get tired of a particular song or album much slower that way. I hope someone implements this idea within my lifetime!

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