I am now meeting in person, for the first time, some people with whom I have been meeting over Zoom for the last year or so. And in some cases, I have been surprised.

For one thing, people are not always the height I thought they would be. Some are taller, and some shorter. Sometimes by a lot.

I am wondering now how much my unconscious awareness of height may have influenced how I think about people in the past. In a year when people have been “heightless”, it has become clear how unimportant those sorts of things are.

I wonder, as the world move more and more to meeting on-line — even post-pandemic — whether those sorts of miscellaneous physical traits will simply fade into irrelevancy. As they should.

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  1. Hitoshi Yamauchi says:

    Probably we should add a basis in the Zoom at the left bottom.
    It would be nice to have basis change feature, too (feet meter).

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