The perils of architecture

Some years ago I was having drinks with a colleague, an artist, in an outdoor cafe at La Defense, near Paris. My colleague was very excited, because it was the first time that he had ever been there, and the Grand Arch reminded him of his own work which employed hypercubes.

He waxed rhapsodically about the architecture for quite some time. Then at one point he excused himself to go use the restroom. When he came back he had an excited glow in his eyes.

He told me that when he got there, he realized that even the restrooms employed a futuristic hypermodern architecture. For example, he marveled at the unusual and daring shape of the urinals.

Then, he said, he turned around and saw a perfectly ordinary looking urinal. That was when, he told me, he realized his mistake. That other thing wasn’t a urinal.


“But,” he added, “it should have been.”

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