I someteims go to conferences at Microsoft, in those years when they are funding our research. Back in the day, the big event was always when Bill Gates would take the stage, and we could hear directly from the man himself.

It was always interesting and informative, but I usually got the impression that he was there to push a company agenda, rather than to speak from his own passion. Except for once.

One time somebody asked him about Microsoft Office productivity software. And in that moment everything changed.

It was a though lightning was coming out of his eyes. The man spoke to the question of office productivity with an intensity and passion I have rarely seen. It was clearly something that he cared very much about and had thought about deeply.

Which I guess makes sense. The core of Microsoft’s success has always been its ability to server businesses reliably by providing high quality productivity software.

A successful company’s heart is never too far away from its wallet. And at the end of the day, the founder of a company needs to be deeply committed to its core business.

For Bill Gates, that passion turned out to be office productivity. And odd as it is to say, it was a beautiful thing to behold.

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