Non-colocated Olympics

With the Olympics in the news, and COVID in the news as well, I’ve been starting to wonder what it would be like to have a non-colocated Olympics competition.

One could imagine, with sufficiently advanced technology, people competing in the future in ways that will feel to them as though they are in the same physical location, while they are actually located at various places around the world.

This is not quite possible in any meaningful way today, outside of the relatively non-physical domain of computer games, but it may be a worthwhile question to ask. Is a non-colocated Olympics competition possible, given sufficiently advanced and achievable technology?

I am not suggesting that we should be planning to hold the Olympics remotely, but I think it might be an interesting thought experiment. As the Olympics competitions continue to test the limits of human physical achievement, could we achieve such a thing, given the right combination of virtual reality and robotic interfaces?

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