Widget Wednesdays #6

Sometimes it’s nice just to stop whatever you are doing and take a moment for reflection. Which leads me to today’s Widget Wednesday.

When I teach computer graphics, I usually start with ray tracing. Some people think of it as an advanced topic, but I find that it really helps students to understand how things work.

It’s kind of like if you were teaching architecture, and you started the course by saying “Let’s build a simple house”. At the end of that project, the reasons for everything would be a lot more clear.

Sometimes I like to use the same tools that I’m using for teaching to make something for myself, just for fun. Today’s widget is something I made while teaching ray tracing to students.

Ray tracing is very good for making reflecting surfaces, so I focused on that. I also incorporated my noise function in the various reflections, to make the scene prettier.

You can see the result here.

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