Widget Wednesdays #12

As I mentioned yesterday, this week’s widget is an experimental vocabulary builder.

It’s as simple as it can be. You are presented with ten words that exist in the English language. If you are confident that you know that word, check it off, and that word won’t appear again.

I didn’t bother implementing a server for this, because it’s just a design experiment. So your checked-off choices only appear in your browser’s local cache.

This means that every time you clear the cache, it will forget what words you’ve checked off. If I make this into a more permanent thing, I’ll get around to implementing a proper server side.

You can try it here.

One Response to “Widget Wednesdays #12”

  1. Margaret says:

    I enjoy this.
    It gave me a word “conpeter” though that I can’t find anywhere and I wonder if that’s really in English – what dictionary you used?

    I saw an app a while ago that tried to estimate people’s total vocabulary by giving them a sampler of more and more low-frequency words, but tuned to the ones that actually predict an educated US person recognition vocabulary in English. It was a fun parlor game. I don’t know whether it was actually tested for accuracy anywhere on a sample of people, or where the data came from in the first place to populate it. It did seem to do a good job of getting “harder and harder” for me.

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