Fibonacci day

Today is the only day of the year in which the month and day digits form the beginning of the Fibonacci series.

At least that is true here in the US. In Europe, where the month is written after the day there is no such day.

Unfortunately, the only year in recent memory which the Fibonacci series could be written as a date beyond the first four digits was 1958. So you may have missed it.

Fortunately you don’t have all that long to wait, since there will be another one in 2058. Only another 36 years until the next 11/23 ’58!

3 thoughts on “Fibonacci day”

  1. We might as well mention that (in most parts of the world, not just Europe) with the day first convention we have 11/2/35 coming up a bit sooner.

  2. Excellent point, thank you for that! I am looking forward to it.

    We can all share a toast on that day at 8:13:21.

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