Wearable social media

Suppose, just as a thought experiment, that everybody could print their own message T-shirt. The technology might consist of an affordable home printer that deposits color-fast ink onto cloth, and a detergent additive that removes said ink in preparation for the next day’s message.

The result would be wearable social media. If such a thing were universally embraced by the culture, then millions of people would be walking around displaying their individual daily message.

I wonder what sorts of messages we might see. Would these messages be like tweets, with a competition to create the most quotable or eye catching text? Or would many people all download the same message on a given day, as a gesture of political or tribal unity?

It would be fun to make a movie in which this is a common reality, just to explore the various ways that it might play out. Imagine what a really good screenwriter could do with such an idea.

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