A.I. in education

We’ve been through this kind of transition before. Photography went from being “the death of art” to being a respected profession and a skill taught in school. Recorded music went from being perceived as an enemy of live performance to being an important complement to it.

There are many similar examples. And now here we are with A.I. At some point, the skills needed to make the most of this powerful tool will become part of the standard school curriculum, and new professions will emerge that are based on the expert use of A.I.

I wonder how we can best get a jump on understanding how to structure that curriculum. Maybe part of that should be encouraging kids to use ChatGPT, Bard, MidJourney and similar offerings, and learn from the creative ways that they use it.

Kids tend to be better at this stuff than grownups. I’m guessing that we could do worse than to follow their lead.

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