Trivial pursuit

It is difficult to know what the impact would be of AI combined with neural implants, as a universally available capability. But as a mental exercise, suppose we were all augmented by AI so that every bit of trivia that we can find in the Wikipedia were instantly accessible in our thoughts.

In such a world, you would not need to look up the time, place, or other details of any event in human history. You would already know those things, right off the top of your head.

Would such a capability have any meaningful impact on human existence, other than completely ruining games of Trivial Pursuit? In other words, would we be more effective as humans if we already knew everything, or would that skill by itself amount to nothing truly important?

My guess is that such a capability would not have the transformative effect that some might imagine. I suspect that all the facts in the world at our fingertips are worth less than even a little bit of old fashioned wisdom.

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