Future recast

Eventually it will be possible to use A.I. to automatically remake any movie, replacing the original actors with the actors of your choice. For example, you might one day choose to watch “Gone with the Wind” with Rhett Butler played by Brad Pitt and Scarlett O’Hara played by Winona Ryder.

At first there will be objections, since such an act will be seen as a violation of copyright laws. But sooner or later, given the fact that it will become easy to do this, the laws will catch up.

A system will be worked out that will allow proper royalties to be attached to any recast screening. After that, creators will start to be properly compensated both for their work and for the use of their likeness.

It will become so common to recast movies, that future generations might forget it was ever any other way. Except that every once in a while somebody will put on an “old school” film festival, in which every movie features its original cast.

Some younger people might be puzzled by such an oddly retro festival. “Why,” they might ask “would anybody ever want to do that?”

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