Future collaborative Generative AI

At some point, you will simply be able to describe a movie, and it will come to life in real time, thanks to generative AI. But why think of this as an activity for one person?

Eventually this new art form will come to be seen as an opportunity for collaboration, with people contributing according to their skills and interests. Multiple people will drive the creation of different aspects of the emerging story world. One person might create the scenery, while another describes the motivations and background of various characters.

Still another person describes the lighting and mood and general visuals. And then there is the creation of an engaging plot, which requires its own particular way of thinking.

On top of this, these sorts of future movies will be endlessly mutable. You might start with a movie that somebody else has made, and use generative AI to create your own variant.

Of course many questions remain. For one thing, I wonder how the copyright laws will evolve to account for all of these new ways of creating.

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