Animated diagrams

Describing an algorithm in text can be very precise, but such a description is for most people to read. Describing that same algorithm as a sequence of animated images does a much better job of helping people to understand what is going on.

But making animated diagrams through traditional means, such as programming, can be difficult and time consuming. To make even one minute of animation might take hours.

This seems to me to be a great potential use of generative A.I. If a student were able to learn an algorithm by watching it in the form of animated diagrams, that student would most likely have a much easier time of it.

I wonder whether we are about to enter an era in which formerly tedious tasks, such as the creation of animated diagrams to explain algorithms, will become easy. In a way this transition feels like the invention of photography. Creating a faithful representation of reality, which was once a long and difficult chore, becomes, literally, a snap.

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