The doors of perception

As humans, we have a collective belief in a single shared reality. We trust the evidence of our senses — the Sun moves across the sky, a kitchen table seems firm and solid.

But since we are all human, we all share the same perceptual limitations. If I can’t perceive something, for example a four dimensional object, then for the most part you can’t perceive it either, since we were all born with pretty much the same perceptual equipment.

Which means that there is very likely a large universe out there — or perhaps right here with us — that is outside of our shared understanding of what the universe is. Which leads me to two questions:

(1) How can we all collectively perceive things, perhaps with the use of the right technology, that are outside of the range of our natural human perception?

(2) If we manage to do that, will be be able to use that enhanced perception to build a more true and accurate model of the Universe around us?

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