A glimpse into the future

Yesterday morning one of my students remarked that the video passthrough on the Quest 3 is almost as good as reality. I responded that one day soon, one of its descendants would give you vision that is better than reality.

You will be able to see colors that you cannot see with your own eyes. You might be able to look through a wall and see what is in the next room over. You will be able to see the bus you that want to catch from three blocks away.

When I said this, I thought I was talking about the future. But then at a dimly lit restaurant last night, I realized that the only way I could read the menu was by taking out my phone, turning on the camera, and zooming in. When I did that, the text was clear and bright and easy to read.

And it occurred to me that in a few years I won’t even need to take out my phone. Any small or dim text will be easy to read as long as I am wearing my smart glasses. And as an added bonus, my glasses will let me read text written in any language.

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