The real meaning of New Years

What, in essence, does New Years mean to people? Clearly there is a lot of celebration involved.

At the stroke of midnight, many people go wild. They hug total strangers, and there is a general sense of good cheer and camaraderie.

But what exactly is it that is being celebrated? I used to not be sure, but after watching people celebrate New Years enough times, I think I know.

Although nobody really wants to admit it, New Years is really about one thing more than anything else. It’s about the fact that you and I are still here. We are the ones who will get at least one more ride around the merry-go-round.

That’s why we raise a glass at midnight with total strangers, and maybe also give them a big hug. We may not know who they are, and we may not have much in common with them.

But in that moment we have at least one thing in common. And it’s the most important thing.

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