Future choreography

When I do my morning exercises in VR, I am acutely aware that my movements are being guided in a way that would not be visible to anyone watching me. And that has gotten me thinking.

When these clunky headsets get replaced by sleek glasses, dancers will be able to see choreographic guides during their performances. Actors will be able to see the marks they need to hit as they walk through a scene.

In fact, they will be able to see script prompts in a manner that is totally invisible to the audience. And that may lead to a new form of theater.

An actor will be able to jump into a performance without rehearsal. This won’t replace traditional theater, but rather will be a new art form

Improvising a scene by following XR prompts will be a new form of entertainment, intermediate between theater and game play

I think it will be fun — a kind of Karaoke of the future.

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