From 2D diagrams to 3D simulations

Continuing the thread from yesterday, it would be very valuable to be able to “lift” any 2D diagram from page or screen and show how it represents an animated 3D mechanism or process. But that would seem to call for a prohibitively large amount of production work.

Yet we now have A.I. tools that until recently were not available. Perhaps we can harness those tools to help automate this process. I can envision a near future in which you put on your XR glasses and use old media to learn new lessons.

You pick up any book — perhaps a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1957 — and look at a circuit diagram or a business chart or a schematic of an electric motor. As you watch, the diagram comes to life and begins to animate.

When you are ready for a more advanced lesson, the entire diagram lifts off the page and smoothly transitions into a 3D simulation. Since you will have advanced A.I. at your disposal, you will be able to ask questions of this simulation, and it will show you various transition states or sub-processes that interest you.

I don’t think this is all that far off.

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