Daily meditations

Have you ever noticed that there is an odd sort of duality about a day? On the one hand, a day is quite short – sometimes it seems as though mere minutes have elapsed from the time you woke up in the morning until the evening when you find yourself getting ready for bed. And in moments like these, it can seem as though life itself is flitting by, the days blurring alarmingly together, one into the other.

On the other hand, so much can happen in a day. We have all seen that vast changes can occur in a moment, and individual encounters and experiences can take place that alter the course of your life. Taken minute by minute, the course of a day is an incredibly long and rich event.

Of course this is because we are talking about the same object seen from different points of view: Introspection tends to lead to Proustian discovery, and to look into one’s own experience of life is to uncover vast undiscovered uncharted spaces in even the smallest room. As Walt Whitman said “I am large. I contain multitudes.”

I have a cousin who meditates for an hour at the start of each day, as a spiritual practice. I think this helps him to realize the power of each moment that goes by, the importance of paying attention to each drawn breath, and to remain mindful not to take the moment of that breath for granted.

Keeping this blog helps me to do that. Perhaps it is a newfangled form of meditation.

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