The legend of Jake, Canto the third. Verse 4:

For a while she just stared down at the screen.
“He never stormed away before,” she mused.
Emily was getting more enthused
This was the most successful run she’d seen.
She’d never thought she’d like the seventh grade
But this teacher let her program her own sim.
Jake had started out a little dim
But look at all the progress he had made.
She’d appeared to him as all the major gods
Now she’d run her bot through Turtle theory
(It seemed recursive robots made Jake leery)
Next up on the list: Transpermic pods!
      After that it would be “Jake the robot nun”.
      Homework never had been so much fun!


2 thoughts on “The legend of Jake, Canto the third. Verse 4:”

  1. Haha. I had to start at the beginning after the fifth line to allow my expectations to catch up to my brain. 🙂

    Nicely done.

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