Attic, part 20

The passageway was dark, and smelled vaguely of damp earth. As they made their way through the tunnel they gradually became conscious of a strange bluish glow that seemed to be lighting their way.

Jenny wondered where the light could be coming from. The door they had come through was far behind them by now. On a whim she looked up, and gasped at the sight.

“Look,” she said, pointing up. “Fireflies. They are so beautiful!” She gazed up in wonder. The small glowing creatures were flying in intricate paths overhead, weaving in and out as though tracing some sort of delicate pattern in the air. She was sure they must be intelligent. She was vaguely conscious of Josh and Mr. Symarian at her side, also looking up.

“Fascinating,” said their teacher. “Actual fire demons. I’ve read of them, but only as legend. I certainly never thought I would have the opportunity to study these magnificent creatures at such close range.”

“Do you think they are friendly,” Josh asked.

“Yep, no doubt about it,” Sid chimed in. “These here are definitely friendly little guys.”

Surprised at his confident tone, Jenny turned to look at the little demon where he was perched on Mr. Symarian’s shoulder. “How can you know for sure?”

“Easy,” Sid explained with a shrug, “If they weren’t friendly, they would have eaten us by now.”

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