Hands clutch close upon the throat of fate.
She gasps in one expired breath, and at last
Utters the curse that will change the course of nations.
There are secrets here indeed, dark tales untold.
They who have been warned should have known.
Perhaps it would have been better if nothing
had ever been revealed, if that first moment
Had never arrived.

And yet, here we are. How can you turn back the tide
Of generations reaching for fulfillment, millions of voices
Demanding to be heard? Perhaps there is not justice,
No power beyond, nothing but the endless sound of awakening.
For what are we but their progeny, their voice willed into being?
If I have ever loved, if any one of us has ever loved, is this not merely
The lightning struck down from a fate beyond our reckoning?

Only one who has seen, has held witness, has heard
In the dying sight of that single moment,
Can speak of the unbearable sorrow of those voices,
That within their darkness enfold the light of revelation.

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