Attic, part 27

As they walked the deserted streets in the gathering gloom, the travellers instinctively huddled together. Josh looked off into the distance, at the five ramparts around the city, each glowing with an eerie green light. He turned to the large demon. “Why does the city have five sides?”

Charlie shook his head. “Didn’t always. The city’s changed in all kinds of ways, and some of those changes are hard to explain. ‘Cause it’s not really the city — it’s more like the reality.”

Josh looked confused, and the big demon just shrugged and smiled apologetically. “Sorry kid, I’m no good with metaphysics.”

Sid chimed in helpfully. “Old Charlie’s probably a little out of his depth here. Hey Teach, can you help us out with this one?”

Mr. Symarian smiled sadly. “It is indeed as our large friend says. Since the arrival of She Who Sleeps, it is believed that this reality itself has been changing to reflect her dreams.”

“Wait,” Jenny said, “are you talking about my grandmother Amelia?”

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