Attic, part 29

The central tower of the city was now in sight, directly in front of them. All the travellers needed to do was proceed forward, and they would surely arrive at their destination. “I think we’re nearly there,” Jenny said in relief. She couldn’t even say how long they had been travelling, and her feet ached terribly.

“No,” said Josh, “we have to turn here.” He pointed down a narrow dimly lit side street — really more of an alley than a street.

“What do you mean?” Jenny said, exasperated. “The tower is right there in front of us. I can see it!”

Josh just shook his head. “That way doesn’t work. Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know how I know, but I just know. If we go that way, we’ll die.”

Jenny was about to say something in response, something she was sure would have been cutting and clever, when Sid interjected. “He’s the path finder, remember? Whatever he says, goes.”

“Oh right,” she said. She looked at Mr. Symarian and Charlie, and they all nodded in agreement. She came to her senses. If Josh said it wasn’t safe, then it wasn’t safe.

The travellers turned into the alley, just in time to miss he low grumble of a sound far, far down the main road — the path they had not taken. It sounded like nothing so much as a deep growling, the kind a dog might make if strangers approached.

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