Paris in the evening

There is nothing people in Paris like to do more than talk. And they are most in their element when sitting at a little outdoor café on a summer’s night, intensely absorbed in conversation with each other.

I took a little random walkabout this evening, more or less around 23:00 local time, near where the Boulevard Saint-Denis meets the Rue du Foubourg Saint-Martin in the 3ème Arrondissement.

It was a joy just to watch the happy Parisiens enjoying life, the night air, each others’ company, and the delight of expressing whatever thoughts had just popped into their own heads.

There is something so life affirming about seeing any living creature completely in its natural element, whether it is a dolphin at play within the open sea, a hawk soaring swiftly upon the night air, or — that most joyful of all creatures on this planet — a Parisien with une bière, a thought to express, and a willing listener.

4 thoughts on “Paris in the evening”

  1. “There is nothing people in Paris like to do more than talk.” Well, then the second thing they most like to do is sitting (in cafés) facing the street, to watch the life passing in front of them.

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