Smith grade coffee

The friend at whose house I am staying out in the woods has no coffee grinder. But he does have an anvil out back. So rather than going all the way into town I decided to get a bit creative.

This morning I put fresh whole coffee into a tall glass, put a clean white sock over the glass, and turned the glass upside down, so all the coffee beans ended up in the toe of the sock. Below is what it looked like just before I dumped the coffee beans from the glass to the sock:

Then I went out back with my coffee bean laden footwear, and forged myself some coffee grounds:

Then I put the sock back over the glass and shook out the freshly ground coffee:

Which I then brewed in my friend’s coffee pot, resulting in a mug of fresh hot yummy coffee:

It tasted delicious. And as you can see, there are even enough grounds left for tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.


7 thoughts on “Smith grade coffee”

  1. And now your sock smells nice too 🙂

    When my son threw up in a fight to Tokyo SEVEN times in March (now it counts as my worst flight ever), a flight attendant brought me a few bags of ground coffee to put on the seat to erase the odor and it worked.

  2. Thanks Mari, for that stirring contribution! I may have forgotten to mention, you’re not supposed to wear the sock before you use it to grind the coffee. 🙂

  3. LOL! that’s right.

    Sorry, excuse me for too much reality of life on your elegant blog 🙂 I’m a woman who’s been through many messy battles. And I love your sock creativity ‘can do will do’ attitude!

  4. Wow, I needs to get me an Anvil… My life is not complete without.

    Just curious… Since you were already half-way there… Why didn’t you use the already-coffeed sock as a tea bag? Would have saved the world from having to absorb one more used coffee filter…

  5. Several reasons Troy. Coffee doesn’t brew as well in a tea bag, and also I couldn’t have reused the sock for grinding the coffee the next day, unless I washed the sock. It’s not clear that laundering a sock would have a smaller eco-footprint than using a coffee filter (and with a coffee filter, you have the option of a reusable metal filter). Also, the sock I used was new, never worn, since it seems like a good idea to keep laundry detergent away from my coffee.

  6. Hmmm… I see your point…

    We use one of those gold-plated reusable filters… But, the thought of Sock-Coffee I find very compelling… No need to wash, I’m sure, like a fine cheese, the sock will impart its own special charactaristics to the Java over time…

  7. Troy, that was a wonderfully amusing comment. It made my morning.

    Also, I really want an anvil now.

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