Yesterday I went sailing on a friend’s boat. And realized once again what a unique experience is sailing.

Being in a small sailboat is an experience quite unlike being in a car or a bus or a train, for you must always be consciously engaged. You don’t just ride in a boat. There is continual work to be done, winches to be wound and released, adjustments to be made to the rigging to get the sail catching the breeze just right. The entire experience reminds you that you are at the mercy of the wind — the source of both all your power and all your troubles.

This very awareness of being a mere visitor upon the sea, of the need to pay conscious attention, to stay attuned to the natural world around you, pulls you in emotionally and invests you in the moment, makes you feel more alive, and wins your love.

4 thoughts on “Sailing”

  1. I love sailing. I love the fact that it’s so simple… Transportation by wind. And the fact that sailing has a unique way of humbling a person that might think that they are bigger or smarter than nature.

    A Couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to ferry a 65′ sail boat from New Zealand to Fiji. About 1400 miles of open ocean. I wouldn’t call it fun, but, quite an adventure that included following storms, 4 meter swells, 20-45 knott winds, a few barracuda, and a shark.

    Gives a perspective on the difference of passing time at 8 knots crossing an ocean as opposed to hopping onto an airplane, or even a motorboat.

    I had a lot of fun writing about the adventure if you’re interested. It’s kinda long, but, I’m particulary proud of the “Potty humor” section… 🙂

  2. Mari, now that Troy has hijacked this thread to broadcast his “humbling” experience, I’ll go off-line to answer your question.

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