Attic, part 61

“I don’t think I can go through that door again,” Jenny said with a shudder. “Talking to it — him — plays funny games with your head.”

“Well,” said Mr. Symarian, “It would appear that the only way for you to reach your grandmother is to proceed by stealth.”

“But how?” Josh said. “There’s only one door into that room.”

“Kid, I don’t think he’s talking’ about using the door,” Sid said.

“Wait,” said Charlie, “this doesn’t make any sense. You’re talking about getting into a room that has only one door, without going through the door? I could see maybe blasting your way in, but that doesn’t seem very, um, stealthy.”

“It is quite simple really,” the teacher said. “One does not need to go through a door, when one may merely go around it.”

Around it?” Josh said. “But … oh wait, I get it. You’re talking about using one of those extra dimensions of yours to take Jenny back in.”

“Precisely,” said Mr. Symarian. “but more than two will be going.” He smiled at Josh. “A path through the higher dimensions can be rather complex. We shall require a path finder.”

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