Attic, part 68

“OK, I get it, we need to figure out what the riddle is before we can solve it.” Jenny said. “But how do we figure out that the riddle is?”

“Mr. Symarian, can you help us out here?” Josh said.

“I’m terribly sorry,” the teacher said, “but I cannot help you with this part of your journey.”

“No disrespect Mr. Symarian, but that’s kind of lame,” Jenny said. “I mean, we came all this way.”

“Yeah,” Josh added. “To get this far I had to find us a path through the freakin’ fourth dimension. And now you won’t even help with a stupid riddle?”

“It is not that I will not, but that I cannot. The riddle is a pathway. Your grandmother Amelia was young when she created it, and as the creation of a young mind, the pathway can be traversed only by young minds. Were I to attempt to provide any assistance, the way forward would disappear forever.

“Well ok then,” Josh said, taking a deep breath. “Jenny, I think we need to look around the room for clues.”

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