Attic, part 75

“You and Mr. Symarian know each other?” Jenny asked incredulously.

“Something like that,” Amelia said.

“You could say we have a history,” their teacher added.

Amelia gave him a long look. “Interesting choice of word — ‘history’. I see you haven’t lost that dry sense of humor.”

“I don’t get it,” Josh said.

“Me neither,” Jenny added.

“It’s rather a long story, I’m afraid, and somewhat beside the point, in the current circumstance. Wouldn’t you agree Amelia?”

“Yes,” she said, and smiled. “Jenny, I believe we have things to discuss. Although I hope you don’t mind, I’ve summoned my little dog. He’s on his way now.”

“Bruno?” Josh said, turning white. “You’re going to bring that thing in here, with us?”

“Yes, of course you would have met him. He can be rather a terror at times, but I’m sure he’ll behave himself in front of company.”

Just then there was a high pitched yelp. “Bruno, you little rascal! Come up on the bed and say hello.” Amelia laughed as a little dog jumped up onto the bed and began licking her face with enthusiasm. When he was quite done, he perched himself comfortably in her lap, and regarded the three travelers amiably.

That’s Bruno?” Jenny asked.

“I remember him as being, um, bigger.” Josh added.

“Yes, I can see how you would. When I am asleep, he can become quite the protective beast.”

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