The hungry night

They were dark times. Dark times indeed.
There were rumors, omens, murmurings just
under the surface. It was the end of
something we had all believed would
never end, and the beginning of a
time we had known only in our dreams.

The thousand year wait had begun,
the march of countless armies against
a foe beyond imagining.

The fortress had given way, that
citadel they had said would outlive
us all, when only those who
had held the door against our foe
could bear to speak its name.

I met you before the war, but we
were children then. Time and its
ravages have changed us. I bear
the mark, that same mark you know
only too well.

In a way it is our badge of honor,
that was meant to be a badge of shame.
Yes I hold my head high, and stand
before the gloaming night, in
the fierce time of watching. For all
through the hungry night, all
I seek is you.

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