Attic, part 89

It was not a conversation in any sense one would recognize. There was no notion of time passing from the past to the future, no taking of turns, no back and forth. Rather, it was more like a tide that washed over all at once, a set of concepts formed into a sculptural whole, outside of any human conception of time. Although if one were to try to reconstruct it as a conversation, something like this might be the result:

“She has reentered the world, my love. It was all you could have wished for.”

“Yes, Amelia, the wall is gone, and now we are free. The future is open to us.”

“Oh, my shadow, my lovely shadow. You did not believe in young Jenny, did you?”

“The way of your kind is indeed strange to me. But I see much in her that reminds me of you. She is strong, this young one. Much lies ahead for her, as you know.”

“Yes, of course. But what will she remember of the journey? The others have already forgotten, for in their concept of time it never really happened.”

“But Amelia my love, your Jenny, as you know, has your gift. She can go beyond time, should she learn to use the power.”

“Yes, my darling shadow, that is why I continue to visit her in dreams. It is the way to teach her.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Oh no, of course not. It is also that she and I have such lovely conversations.”

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