Two flowers

Two flowers grew in a garden one morn
One flower perfect, one tattered and torn
The beautiful flower was cheerful and glad
The other was woeful, forlorn and sad

“Why don’t you cheer up?” the first flower said
“Enjoy life! It’s not all discomfort and dread.”
The drab flower answered “Well maybe for you,
“But my life is dreary, and I’m feeling blue.”

The sun rose up high and then settled back down
And a young girl came back from her day in the town
She saw in the garden two flowers were there
And delighted at one, which was lovely and fair

That one she plucked from the garden with glee
And brought it inside for her mother to see
The fair flower proudly within their house shone
While the drab flower stood in the garden alone

The next day the plucked flower, no longer fair
Was dried out and gray and as dead as the air
Whilst the one in the garden was no longer sad
“Maybe,” it thought, “my life isn’t so bad.”

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