Better butterfly

The first time I posted the butterfly-to-fractal movie, it was as an animated GIF. That was because the program I wrote just created individual Jpeg images, and I didn’t have any conversion software handy other than Gimp, which lets you convert a sequence of Jpeg images to animated GIFs.

Then a friend offered to compose music for the animation, at which point animated GIFs just wouldn’t cut it. To set an animation to music, you need something in a legitimate format like Quicktime, which lets you scrub forward and back over the animation, so you can do proper timing.

After a little looking around, I found the wonderful free program VirtualDub, which lets you convert a sequence of Jpeg images to an AVI movie, and another wonderful free program Oxelon Media Converter, which lets you convert an AVI movie in to a Quicktime MOV file.

So thanks to the kind generosity of the open software movement, I am able to present you with the butterfly film as a legitimate movie, both in a slow one minute version, and a fast thirty second version.

I can’t decide which version I like better. The fast/short one is peppier, but the slow/long one is more mysterioso, and gives you more time to look at the individual visions along the butterfly’s journey.

Does anyone care to weigh in?

One thought on “Better butterfly”

  1. Wow! I like both versions, but the faster one is almost like a ballet! Maybe start-stop, speed up, slow down etc (accel. rit.) musically speaking 🙂 Wonderful!!! 🙂 🙂

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