Candies all the way down

One problem with musical candy buttons is that sooner or later you run out of space to put all of the notes. Or, if you’re hungry, you might run out of notes altogether. Imagine you’re right in the middle of composing a delicious symphony in the key of Grape (I mean, um, in the key of B flat), and suddenly you run out candy buttons — or worse, you even run out places to put your candy buttons.

Never fear, there is a way out. In honor of the late, great Benoit Mandelbrot, I hereby introduce fractal musical candy buttons! I don’t have an interactive Java applet ready for you to play with quite yet. My eventual plan is to give you a way to zoom in and out, and otherwise navigate through the fractal score.

But I can show you a visualization of how such a space might look. Around the central tonic pitch (Peach), I’ve arranged half sized candy buttons representing the other six notes in the same key. Around each of these are still smaller candy buttons, and so on, ad infinitum.

Once I implement a way to let you zoom into this space, then there will be infinite melodies for you to explore, in an endless variety of colorful (and tasty) musical possibilities.

But that will probably have to wait until next year. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Candies all the way down”

  1. Oh my, can’t wait!!! SO beautiful! Is there a reason for the choice of these pastel colors, that it would get more intense or something? Just curious…

  2. YES!!!! Can’t wait to play with this!

    Now, if you plug in this candy circle into your contrapuntal contraption…

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