I love WordPress

Today I took the great plunge.

After almost two years of sticking with my now woefully out of date WordPress version 2.3 for this blog, I finally upgraded (just a little while ago) to the latest and greatest – WordPress version 2.7.

That’s quite a leap of faith in free software. Four entire versions of a software package – ages and ages in the world of computers. And I couldn’t do an automatic upgrade either, because the menu item you’re supposed to use didn’t even exist yet in my ancient rickety old version.

So I took the great courage leap into the unknown, manually transferred all my content files over onto the ftp directory, edited the config file by hand, and jumped back on in.

And lo and behold – it works perfectly. Without a hitch. All kinds of new functionality, and fancy new controls behind the wheel, while all of my posts and images and your comments went seamlessly over to their new places.

I was so awed and inspired that I took a moment to make the following tribute, an amateurish if heartfelt bastardization of WordPress’s own logo. Gosh, I hope they don’t sue me…

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