The right turn

This was my last evening in Japan, and I was sad to be saying my final goodbyes to my friends before making my way back to my little Ryokon. I was also a bit anxious, because earlier in the week I had gotten thoroughly lost in the narrow winding streets around Kyoto University.

Fortunately, the previous evening my friends had pointed out a small Buddhist shrine that marks the proper turn to take off the main road. Wanting to make sure I had the correct directions this time, I said: “When I see the Buddha, I should take the right turn. Is that it?”

One of my friends looked at me a moment, and then replied: “You know, that’s a good philosophy for life.”

2 Responses to “The right turn”

  1. Doug says:

    One of my favorite poems is about Kyoto. The translation is something like:
    Even when I am in Kyoto
    A bird cries
    and I long for Kyoto.

    It’s the kind of place you feel nostalgic for even while you’re still there. (I spent two years in Japan.)

  2. Mari says:

    Well if it would make you feel better, I did get lost in Manhattan!! and there was no budda to guide my way… 🙁

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