All the words

Continuing on my quest to make an interactive playground for creating Möbius stories in the spirit of Vi Hart’s Möbius story: Wind and Mr. Ug, I ran a computer analysis over about 56000 English words, looking for “Möbius words”.

I found 728 words that fit the bill: When “mirror-flipped” upside down, each one still looks like a word (although maybe a different word). Any Möbius story you write has to contain only Möbius words.

Below are the words I found in all their symmetric glory, printed in the Möbius story font. Now we just have to make Möbius stories out of them!

2 Responses to “All the words”

  1. Doug says:

    Hmm. Here’s a first try:
    “tHE patHEtIC COCKatOO + I watCH tHE altO OCtEt’ aCE tHE tOCCata. tHE batHEtIC COCKatOO + I matCH tHE altO OCtEt, aCE tHE tOCCata.”

    I think the most useful words in changing the meaning of the sentence are non-self symmetric words that share the same part of speech with their partner.

  2. admin says:

    Very cool example! 🙂 And that’s an excellent observation!!

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