Imagine you can rewind time. Perhaps you’ve said something that has foolishly damaged a friendship, or have just barely missed a crucial deadline, or have played the wrong card in poker, or maybe you’ve just stepped out from the curb the wrong way and twisted your ankle. Go back five minutes, or ten, or an hour, and try again.

This would be a super power, giving you vast leverage in the world. Of course there would have to be some rules (there are always rules). The second time around, things might not turn out the same way they did the first time. The universe is an unpredictable place, and reality is always in play. If your next time around puts you in the path of an oncoming bus, then you run out of do-overs.

To make it more interesting, suppose everybody has the same super power. Sure you can buy that stock the day before it suddenly doubles in price, but so can anybody else. What kind of a world would we then live in?

Unfortunately (or, more likely, fortunately) we will never find out. But we can create a game that simulates the experience. Imagine a game world where you can always go back in time and try things differently, but where the game is also simulating other players who have the same power.

To you, it will appear as though those simulated players always make the best choice. After all, if they don’t make the best choice, then they will have just gone back in time and done it again.

I don’t know that anyone has ever made a game like this. It would be fun to try.

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