Ten superpowers for grownups

People contacted me privately about yesterday’s post, which I suppose was a very grownup thing to do. Here is a list of ten suggestions generated since yesterday for “superpowers for grownups”:

  • You can create an extra day between today and tomorrow
  • You never ever get sick
  • You know a magic incantation that can summon your lost house keys
  • After someone tells you how the movie will end, you are able to instantly forget what they said
  • You possess “Laser eyes” that can clean all your bathroom surfaces with merely a glance
  • You always find a parking space
  • You lose a little weight every time you eat dessert
  • When you meet people you’ve met before, you invariably remember their name
  • You can understand announcements on the NYC subway
  • When people tell you you look younger, they actually mean it

2 thoughts on “Ten superpowers for grownups”

  1. While many of these are extremely practical and useful powers, they are missing that sense of romance and reach of the superpowers we wish for as kids. I find that a little sad. When do we learn to start making even our dreams practical? (I’m as guilty as many people of this all too often.)

  2. Coincidentally, today’s NY Times had an article about Naif Al-Mutawa, who creates a series of comic books for kids about Muslim superheroes who are role models of generosity, patience, and other positive qualities that Islam teaches are embodied by Allah.

    Some of the greatest resistance to his wonderful work is here in the U.S. — where in some circles the mere fact that these superheroes are Islamic negates any possible positive value.

    The article ends with a quote from Al-Mutawa, when “he says if he himself had a superpower, it would be ‘the ability to expose bigots’.”

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