On All Hallows Eve

On All Hallows Eve, when the moon has come out
The ghosts and the goblins will wander about
You lie awake cowering under your sheet
In your mind’s eye you see where the witches all meet
The Old Sister cackles her dark toothless grin
And summons the revels of night to begin
She traces a sign with one bony finger
And pity the soul who has chosen to linger
As midnight arrives, when the creatures of night
Those long ago fiends, come awake in delight
The ghouls and the demons and zombies arise
Some take to the road, some take to the skies
They head for the town, this terrible host
Demon and incubus, vampyre and ghost
You huddle in bed, you are quaking with fear
For soon all the creatures from hell will be here
They are just down the road, they are coming, it’s true,
And somehow you know they are coming for you
Now they’re downstairs, they have entered your door
You can hear ragged feet as they drag ‘cross the floor
They have caught you at home, in your bed unawares
Is there time to escape? Oh, they’ve come up the stairs
The bedroom door opens — you scream — it’s too late!
You wake up. It must have been something you ate.

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