A winter morning

The leaves have all gone.
And naked trees, unafraid,
Huddle together.

For just a moment,
From my window, a sparrow
Upon the bare sky.

A winter morning
You, my morning sun, rises
And the world is warm.

4 thoughts on “A winter morning”

  1. Lovely, sweet poem!

    At the risk of breaking the mood a little, may I ask why you chose “rises” instead of “rise” in the 8th line? I would have expected “you, …, rise”, but I’ve noticed that you rarely do things like this by accident.

  2. Yes, it was a deliberate choice. I don’t want to spell it out here because that would take away from the poem.

  3. By the way, I am in good company in doing this sort of thing. Rimbaud once said “J’est un autre”, which literally translates to “I is another”. It expressed exactly what he meant. 🙂

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