Death metal sorority

I was talking to my good friend and sometime co-author Kaelan, and the conversation meandered, as our discussions are wont to do, toward various topics of largely pataphysical interest.

At one point we alit upon the notion of a “death metal sorority”. Such a thing, which does not show up on the Web (I checked), is a marvelous example of two contradictory thoughts vying to occupy the selfsame space.

No sooner had we stumbled upon this peculiarly scrumptious intellection, than we were hooked. In moments we were well on our way to planning the indie mocumentary, the RomCom sitcom, the sardonic Kevin Spacey flick, the upstart punk musical with a heart as large as its budget is microscopic, and the one man show with Hamish Linklater.

I anticipate that sometime in the next fiscal quarter we will be coming out with (1) the Lego holiday sculpture, (2) the freemium iPad app targeted for acquisition in a bidding war between Facebook and Zynga, (3) the stealth social commentary cleverly disguised as hipster chic, and of course (4) something with cats.

Definitely something with cats.

3 thoughts on “Death metal sorority”

  1. some tentative titles include:

    “This is Spinal Brat”
    “The Usual Punkspects”
    “Everybody Loves Alice Cooper”
    “MVP: Most Valuable Punk”
    “Angry Chicks”

    I anticipate an open casting call soon. We’re looking for someone between the ages of 2-17, male or female, who is able to jump onto tables and catch mice and mice-sized objects. Must have long, well-groomed fur and a biting attitude.

  2. Haha! It wasn’t until the last sentence of your casting call that I realized you were talking about a cat. I kept trying to imagine what kind of two year old could jump up on a table and catch mice.

    It was a very disorienting but interesting few seconds. 🙂

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